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This summer, get up close with art, science, and history! Registration for Summer Fun classes is now open to Museum Members. Class details are listed below by date. Call soon!

The Ashley Kulwicki Scholarship is available for students to participate in the Hastings Museum’s Summer Fun program. To apply, students must qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program. Funds are limited, and we will award scholarships to the first 25 qualified applicants. Limit one scholarship per person. Please fill out the scholarship application form and return it, along with your registration form for Summer Fun classes, to the Hastings Museum. Or mail it to Hastings Museum, P.O. Box 1286, Hastings, NE 68902.

To register, call Hastings Museum at 402.461.4629 or

Download Registration Form Here  Download scholarship Application Here
Cost of Classes

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 Messy Art

 3-Hour Classes
Pinteresting Projects
American Girl Fun

Note: Grade levels refer to the grade your child will enter fall of 2016. Summer Fun Classes require advance registration. Fees are due at time of enrollment.
Photo Disclaimer: Registrants and participants permit the taking of photos and videos of themselves and their children during Hastings ­Museum activities for publication and use as the Museum deems necessary.
Each class has a minimum/maximum number of participants in parentheses after the date and time. Example: (10/20)
Sign-up deadline for each class is the Friday before. In order to provide adequate supplies, deadlines are firm.

Time Travelers (Grades 1-2)

June 6-10, 1-3 pm (10/20)
Instructor: Katie Karr
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Strap on your seatbelts—we are loading up our time machine and going back in time! We will learn all about how people lived long ago. Along the way we will become cave dwellers, go on a pirate treasure hunt, and even put on our very own rodeo.

Hogwarts Summer School (Grades 4-6)

June 8, 9 am – 4 pm (15/30)
Instructor: Becki Kulwicki and Rita Will
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Calling all First Years to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Whether you’re a muggle or a witch, you are bound to find some fun by entering Platform 9 ¾. We’ll be brewing some mischief and magic as only Gryffindor students can. Get your creative juices flowing by constructing your very own wand and enjoy chocolate frogs from Bertie Bots. Fly on over and join us in this mystical, magical day! Requirements: A love of Harry Potter! If you have read the first book, that would be helpful. Note: Students need to bring their own lunch. Two snacks will be provided.

Pinteresting Projects (Grades 3-6)


June 13-17, 1-4 pm (10/20)
Instructors: Russanne Hoff and Katie Karr
Member: $55; Non-Member: $60
Do you like to get your art and craft on? If so, join us for a week of DIY fun! We’ll do at least two projects per day, including button tree art, DIY chalkboards, abstract art, nature tic tac toe, and marionette puppets.

Messy Art (Grades K-2)

June 20-24, 9-11 am (10/20) Just added!
Instructor: Marci Schroeder
Member: $45; Non-Member: $50
If you like to have fun and get messy while making a masterpiece, then come and join our messy art class! We’ll make all sorts of creations such as tie dye clothing, string paintings, and nature prints. We will also learn a lot about abstract and contemporary art along the way. It will be a fun-filled week and each day we will get a bit messier!

June 20-24, 1-3 pm (10/20)  **FULL**
Instructor: Marci Schroeder
Member: $45; Non-Member: $50
Same as above!

I Survived (Grades 3-6)

June 20-24, 1-3 pm (10/20) **FULL**
Instructor: Russanne Hoff
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
We’ll go on adventures through time as we discover how people survived real historical events. Each day we will discuss a different book and explore more about it through museum exhibits and artifacts, games, activities, and more. We will discuss the following five books (in order): Battle of Gettysburg, Great Chicago Fire, Sinking of the Titanic, Bombing of Pearl Harbor, and Nazi Invasion. Will you survive? Note: At least one copy of each book is available for checkout from the Hastings Public Library.

June 20-24, 9-11 am (10/20) Just Added!
Instructor: Russanne Hoff
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Same as above!

Children of the First Nations (Grades K-1)

June 27-July 1, 1-3 (10/20) 
Instructor: Katie Karr
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Join us as we explore what life was like for young Native American children from different tribes across North America. To help us learn about the various tribes, we will learn songs, eat traditional foods, and play games. We will even have our very own Pow-Wow, full of dancing and music!

Nature Nook Explorers (Grades 2-4)

June 30, 9 am-4 pm (15/30)
Instructor: Mark and Beth Funkey
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Our new exhibit, the Nature Nook, will come alive as we compare what’s inside to what lives and grows in the Museum’s backyard. You’ll act out predator-prey relationships, be a part of the food chain, make nature inspired art, and learn to identify and collect data on the things you see around you.Note: Students need to bring their own lunch. Two snacks will be provided.

When I Grow Up (Pre-K)

July 11-15, 10 am-12 pm (8/15)
Instructor: Katie Karr
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
With so many awesome jobs in the world, it is hard to decide what to be when you grow up. Will you become a NASA engineer and design a spaceship? What about a zoo keeper and care for animals? We will experience these jobs (and many others) to see what you want to be when you grow up!

Kool-Aid Magic (Grades 1-2)

July 11-15, 10 am-12 pm (10/20)
Instructor: Russanne Hoff
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
There is more to Kool-Aid than meets the eye! Did you know you can cook with it? Perform science experiments? What about create art and make tie dye? You can, and will, do all that (and more!) as we find out more about this tasty treat.

Nature Nook Adventures (Grades K-1)

July 18-22, 10 am-12 pm (10/20) 
Instructor: Russanne Hoff
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Explore our new hands-on exhibit, the Nature Nook, in a whole new way! We will investigate what animals leave behind, make nature-inspired art, wander outside to find living creatures, discover different habitats and ecosystems, play games, and more!

Mad Science (Grades 2-3)


July 18-22, 10 am-12 pm (10/20)
Instructor: Katie Karr
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
The world of science is full of surprising and amazing things. But how does it all work? It is time to put on our lab coats and investigate! Join us as we create fizzy lemonade, design and fly rockets, see human DNA, and so much more!

American Girl Friends (Grades 3-6)


July 25-29, 9 am-12 pm (10/20)
Instructors: Russanne Hoff
Member: $55; Non-Member: $60
It will be non-stop fun as we discover the worlds of Addy, Rebecca, Kit, and NEW dolls Maryellen and Melody. We will search Museum exhibits and artifacts for clues about their lives, play games from different time periods, create doll and human sized crafts, solve American Girl mysteries, and more! Each day you’ll work on your American Girl scrapbook to take home at the end of the week. Feel free to bring your American Girl doll, or other 18” doll, with you.

On the Move (Grades K-1)

Aug 1-5, 10 am-12 pm (10/20)
Instructor: Katie Karr
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Cars, boats, and planes … oh my! Whether our travels are by land, water, or air—we are always on the move. Come learn about these different types of transportation and build a race car to take home!

The Art of Nature (Grades 3-6)

Aug 2, 9 am-4 pm (15/30)
Instructors: Russanne Hoff and Amy Sandeen
Member: $35; Non-Member: $40
Adventure meets art! We’ll find creative inspiration from nature in this class, using the outdoors as our canvas and our muse. This day will be active indoors and outside. Participants will create art all day, including outdoor sculptures, mud painting, cornhusk people, and other take-home pieces, plus ideas for further projects. NOTE: This class will be held at Prairie Loft and children will need to be dropped off and picked up at this location. Students need to bring their own lunch. Two snacks will be provided.

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