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Insects, Sea Life, Reptiles

Location: Upper Level

The beautiful monarch butterfly is one of several we have on display in this exhibit area.

One of several snakes lurking in a case.

A sea biscuit, noted for its patterned shell.

A specimen of the world's largest beetle!

A calico crab - It's a nocturnal predator and has been known to pinch a wader's toes.

If you’d love to learn about all the many kinds of creepy crawlies, then this is the place for you!

However, if insects and reptiles aren’t for you, Hastings Museum has hundreds of beautiful shells and a fair bit of sea life on display, too. And even bees aren’t so scary when their behind glass.

Largest moth. Prairie life.

Have you seen this moth? It’s one of the largest in the moth group and is fairly common. Get an up close look at Hastings Museum!

From butterflies to cockroaches, from coral to clam shells. From frogs to snakes, from mosquitoes to dragon flies. We guarantee there is something in this exhibit you’ve never seen up close before!

Discover representative examples of each of the main orders of insects. The life cycle of several different kinds of insects are included – and don’t forget to take a peak at the world’s largest beetle and one of the largest moths in the moth group – a moth that may have crossed your path at one time or another.

Seashells, Coral and Sea Life
The seashell and coral display includes shells from the five classes of mollusks, coral, and a 108-pound gigantic clam shell!

Clench's Helmut

The shell of a clench’s helmet or queen helmet. These creatures dig into the sand to hunt and feed on other echinoderms.

Helmut shells, black murex, frog shells, and more. Hastings Museum has several hundred specimens from all over the world, including the United States, Mexico, Philippines, West Indies, Australia, Africa, Japan and Panama!

There’s more than 50 land snails, including salt and freshwater varieties plus lobsters, crabs, urchins, horseshoe crabs and more.

Snakes and Reptiles
Here’s where you’ll find snakes, lizards, salamanders, frogs, toads and turtles all native to Nebraska.

This is a wonderful opportunity to safely view these creatures up close and imagine how they live in the wild!

Have you heard about our famous rattling rattlesnake? The rattlesnake is still here and can be found on the main level of the Museum.

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