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Apollo 11

Apollo 11, the mission that sent Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon, was a miracle of human endeavor and ingenuity from its fiery, booster-igniting takeoff to its ultimate splashdown. And the film chronicles each stage of the weeklong mission like a tick-tock procedural where everything could go wrong — but somehow didn’t. Miller’s visual collage charitably spreads the credit around beyond just the three men in space, too. The men and women back on terra firma are heroes as well as they crunch numbers and sweat over slide rules.

This is no small thing. Not just in terms of filmmaking, but also as a reminder we could all use about how much we’re capable of as a species. That seems like something worth remembering right now. Apollo 11 — and Apollo 11 — is an inspiring, magical, and transcendent testament to human know-how, ambition, and achievement of the seemingly impossible. Trailer Below

Rated (G) | Runtime: 1hr 33 min | Documentary | Tickets: $8


Thu, May 2: 6:15p
Fri, May 3: 7:15p
Sat, May 4: 2p
Sat, May 4: 7:15p
Sun, My 5: 5:15p

Thu, May 9: 6:15p
Fri, May 10: 7:15p
Sat, May 11: 10:30a
Sat, May 11: 7:15p
Sun, My 12: 5:15p

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