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Dead Things Tours

Dead Things Museum Tour

Think Museum tours are boring? 

You’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

Some institutions provide tours that have been done to death. At the Hastings Museum, we’re bringing these tours back from the dead. Join us this October for a small-group, 40-minute tour that will highlight some of the more macabre items in our collection. Unusual animal mounts, funeral related artifacts, our founder’s tomb and more. Yes! He’s buried in the building!

Our tour guides know where all the bodies are buried. They have a never-say-die attitude when it comes to delivering some seasonal fun.

Here’s the last nail in the coffin, these tours are priced right! See below. Call 402-461-2399 to register or purchase your tickets online. We’ll answer all of your questions. Heck, we’ll kill you with kindness. Sign up soon! Once these tours are full, this project is dead and buried.

Boring tours, here?
Over my dead body!
– Becky Matticks
We’re drop dead excited about what we have planned. – Russanne Hoff


Tour Times:
Thursday, Oct. 24: 6p & 8p
Friday, Oct. 25: 6p & 8p
Saturday, Oct. 26: 3p, 6p, 8p
Sunday, Oct. 27: 3p, 5p, 7p

Non-members: $10
Members: $5

Buy tickets now!
Walk-ins welcome if space allows.

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