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Dirty Things

Dirty Things a Hastings Museum Tour

What’s your definition of Dirty?

Don’t give us that dirty look: these tours are perfect for Valentine’s Day. We’ve done all the dirty work to arrange a great night out. Purchase a tour through the Museum and you can get dinner reservations at Lochland Country Club just after your tour!

Have you forgotten Valentine’s Day plans in the past? Don’t answer that. There’s no need to air your dirty laundry here. These 45-minute tours will cover a variety of topics including courtship in the animal kingdom, canoodling in the Old West, and literally—dirt.

Register by Tues, Feb. 12, or dinner reservations can’t be guaranteed—now that would be a dirty trick. By the way: dinner reservations are optional. And, we want you to know that the price of the tour does not include the cost of your dinner. We wanted to make that clear—didn’t want you to accuse us of dirty pool!

Are you worried we’re gonna talk dirty? We will. Concerned you’ll hear a dirty word? Or a dirty joke? You might, but nothing racier than an R-rated movie. For a good time call: 402.461.2399. Walk-ins welcome if space allows, for the tours.

Space is limited, register today!


Members $5 | Non-Members $10 +tax

FEBRUARY 14, Thursday
6p Tour & 7:15p Dinner
7p Tour & 8:15p Dinner

FEBRUARY 15, Friday
6p Tour & 7:15p Dinner
7p Tour & 8:15p Dinner

FEBRUARY 16, Saturday
5p Tour & 6:15p Dinner
6p Tour & 7:15p Dinner
7p Tour & 8:15p Dinner

Call 402-461-2399

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