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‘Ferdinand’ Charges into the Museum

Ferdinand is a young bull who is adopted by a girl who lives on a farm. His peaceful existence comes crashing down when the authorities return him to his former captors. With help from a wisecracking goat and three hedgehogs, the giant but gentle bovine must find a way to break free before he squares off against El Primero, the famous bullfighter who never loses. Trailer Below

Rated (PG) | Run Time 1h 48min | Tickets: $5.50+tax 

Fri, Jan. 19: 7:15 pm
Sat, Jan. 20: 7:15 pm
Sun, Jan. 21: 5:15 pm

Fri, Jan. 26: 7:15 pm
Sat, Jan. 27: 7:15 pm
Sun, Jan. 28: 5:15 pm

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