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Intel From the Field

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the exhibits at the Hastings Museum? You can now participate in Intel From the Field (IFF), a cell phone audio tour.

The tour features more than 50 stops on all three floors and outside on Museum grounds. A yellow sign, like this one to right, means there is more information about an object or exhibit. Follow the directions on the sign by dialing the local phone number and entering the stop number on your dial pad. A recorded message will tell you more about what you are looking at.

Smart phone users can scan the QR code to listen to the information.

You can also download the audio tour to your Mp3 device before visiting the Museum. To download the audio tour to your Mp3 device, click here.

There are also OnCell Apps for your iPhone or Android. To download the apps, scan the appropriate QR code below.

Android App

iPhone App

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