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Peggy Karr Glass – A beautiful opportunity to support the Museum

peggykarr-logoA beautiful opportunity to support the Museum

The Hastings Museum Foundation is proud to announce Peggy Karr Glass now comes in exclusive Kool-Aid designs. Six products are offered, and designs are based on the original flavors: cherry, grape, strawberry, lemon lime, raspberry, and orange. Like all Peggy Karr glassware, they are dishwasher safe! Colors will never fade or wear away because they are permanently sealed within the glass. Contact a Foundation board member or stop by the Hastings Museum Store to learn more and purchase these colorful creations! It is a wonderful new way to support the Museum!

More about the artist: Peggy Karr Glass, Inc. has grown from a one-woman studio to the largest enameled fused glass company in the world. The company’s products are a perfect blend of design and technique. Research and development keep Peggy Karr on the forefront of the industry. The company’s use of pattern and color in this unique medium is without compare!



Ornament $15 | Rectangular plates $39 | Large square plate $58
Stands are also available!


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