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Go inside the dances of Pina Bausch in Oscar-nominated movie

“Like the great Pelé, Pina was a one-name person, a groundbreaking dancer and choreographer with accomplishments so one-of-a-kind that to her admirers no surname was necessary. But whether you’re familiar with Pina Bausch’s work or not, the new film PINA is a knockout.”Los Angeles Times.

Few choreographers have had more influence than the late Pina Bausch.

In his exhilarating new film, German master Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire, The Buena Vista Social Club) shoots in 3D to capture the brilliantly inventive dance world of the legendary choreographer.

Wenders had conceived, along side Bausch, a dance film like none seen before, one which would take the fullest advantage yet of new 3D technology to put the viewer deep inside Bausch’s playful, thrillingly unpredictable pieces. After her untimely death in 2009, just two days before filming was set to begin, Wenders continued with the project, turning it into the most exciting tribute he could imagine.

Sensual and visually stunning, PINA uses 3D to remarkable effect, taking the audience into Bausch’s work in her imaginative sets (a gliding monorail, a bare stage covered with chairs, a towering man-made waterfall) and powerfully rendering the beauty and sheer physicality of the dances and dancers of her famous Tanztheater Wuppertal ensemble. This is the first time PINA will be shown in 3D in Nebraska.

Pina Bausch

You won’t just watch PINA in 3D at Hastings Museum. With our 65-foot giant screen and digital audio sound, you’ll experience it. The 3D effect is amazing — and places viewers on the same plain as the dancers.

Showing one weekend only!
Nov. 2 and 3 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 4 at 5 p.m.

The movie is in German with some English and has English subtitles.
Rated PG.
Running time: 103 minutes.
Visit the film’s website here.

Scroll down for the movie’s trailer.

“A haunting elegy for choreographer Pina Bausch with a wondrously surreal evocation of her work. Takes unprecedented advantage of 3D.” — The Wall Street Journal

Wim Wenders, about the late Pina Bausch, inventor of a new art form:

No, there was no hurricane that swept across the stage,
there were just … people performing
who moved differently than I knew
and who moved me as I had never been moved before.
After only a few moments I had a lump in my throat,
and after a few minutes of unbelieving amazement
I simply let go of my feelings
and cried unrestrainedly.
This had never happened to me before…
maybe in life, sometimes in the cinema,
but not when watching a rehearsed production,
let alone choreography.
This was not theatre, nor pantomime,
nor ballet and not at all opera.
Pina is, as you know,
the creator of a new art.
Dance theatre.

Oscar® Nominee – Best Documentary Feature


  • Outstanding Achievement in Production, Cinema Eye Honors
  • Documentary 2011 – Prix ARTE, European Film Awards
  • Best Documentary, German Film Awards

Nominee at the BAFTA Awards, WGA Awards, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, London Critics Circle Film Awards, British Independent Film Awards, Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards

2011 Berlin Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, AFI Fest, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Rome Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival


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