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Experience Cousteau’s Secret Ocean

Secret Ocean smallJean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean is a breathtaking view of the ocean‘s beauty and diversity. It introduces audiences to more than 30 animal species through the use of innovative new underwater filming techniques. 

Trailer below!

That said, this film is much more than simply a gorgeous aquatic adventure. It’s sound science. The 76-year-old ecologist and son of the late Jacques Cousteau wants to highlight the inherent connection between the tiniest sea creatures and all life on the planet. Phytoplankton photosynthesis produces more than half of the earth’s oxygen. Therefore, according to venerated oceanographer Sylvia Earle, “Every other breath we take is a gift from the sea.”

runzaSpecial thanks to Runza for sponsoring this film locally.

Secret Ocean is filmed primarily in the waters near the Bahamas, Fiji, and Bimini. Cousteau admits, he and his father were first hooked on the marvels of marine life by the biggies: whales, dolphins, and sharks. Those biggies are impressive, but zoom in closely on anemones, sea cucumbers, and the like, and the fascination can be just as great.

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