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Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West is a fascinating re-enactment of Lewis and Clark’s original journey.

The story is told with Jeff Bridges doing the voice-over but with real actors set in original locations. It is authentic down to the last detail, including such remarkable scenes as the expedition shooting rapids in canoes made from burnt-out trees and pulling their boats by rope over the mountains of Montana.

With careful research and meticulous re-creations, National Geographic brings the expedition to life in stunning high-definition!

Film synopsis:
More than 200 years after their epic journey, go back in time with Lewis, Clark, their guide Sacagawea and the brave Corps of Discovery as they discover the adventure, danger and beauty of the unmapped West.

With sweeping panoramas of the rugged American West and stunning aerial photography, the film tells the story of the team’s arduous expedition from 1803 to 1806 – how they traveled to the Pacific ocean and back.

It shows the spectacular wildlife they encountered, the punishing winters they endured, the diverse Native American tribes they met and the breathtaking vistas the explorers experienced on their legendary journey into uncharted territory.