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Dutton-Lainson Company: 130 Years of Progress

New Exhibit, Now Open!

Victory Building

Open now through Labor Day in the Museum’s temporary gallery is Dutton-Lainson Company: 130 Years of Progress. The exhibit showcases how technological and social transformations have affected manufacturing businesses through the years. During the late 1800s, artisans were replaced by mass production as factories hired unskilled laborers for the jobs.

The next change came when the number of people with high school and college educations increased. This highly educated group began driving advances in technology as they committed to developing the companies they served. The early companies that would become the Dutton-Lainson Company faced these changes and grew by making themselves relevant and joining the rapidly growing automobile industry. Innovative patents, skilled salespeople, and strong leadership kept the company moving forward.

The exhibit features photography, informational panels, and numerous artifacts including saddles and horse collars, as well as vintage advertisements, oil cans, and awards won by the company.

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