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To commemorate Nebraska’s 150th year of statehood, the Hastings Museum and the Adams County Historical Society have teamed up to install a new exhibit, Honorable Mentions: 150 Years of Adams County History. The exhibit will honor past and present citizens of Adams County who have had an impact on the county and the state of Nebraska. Open March 1 – September 5.

On March 1, 1867, Nebraska was admitted into the union as the 37th state. Adams County was formed that same year and organized in 1871. In celebration, the Hastings Museum and the Adams County Historical Society have chosen to do something a little different. We are honoring those who have helped in the development of Adams County and the state of Nebraska. “Honorable Mentions: 150 Years of Adams County History” features the short biographies of 17 past and present citizens of the county who have made contributions in the fields of agriculture, arts and literature, economics, medicine, human rights, and politics. The exhibit is designed to feature the stories of these individuals as the centerpieces. Please take the time to read the stories of these incredible people and their places in our history. Due to limited space in the gallery, the biographies have been written to highlight the key points of the person’s life. If you would like more information about a person, please contact the Adams County Historical Society.

Special thanks to those who helped contribute to the research and development of this exhibit:

Scott Carstens, Hastings Tribune

Leslie Vollnogle, Longyear Museum

The Mary Eddy Baker Library

Amy Hafer, Hastings Public Library

Mary Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission

Carla Post, The Pauline Project

Elizabeth Terry

Rosalie Anderson and Family

Ted Smith, Jr., and Family

Audrey Parigi and Family

Jim Hamil

Alex Hamil

Melanie Werner

Eileen Harman

Vicki Hinrichs, T&L

Bradie Schulz

Adams County Historical Society Staff and Board


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