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Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors

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Imagine Dragons In Concert: Smoke + Mirrors was filmed last July 4 in Toronto, and the presence of cameras gave the performance an extra jolt. Band members said they remember walking offstage being very happy, knowing that they captures  a special energy. Trailer Below

Singer Dan Reynolds said he considers the film a cap for the band’s frenetic and successful past three and a half years. “This has been such a crazy few years of our life; I think we’d be really remiss not to document it,” Reynolds says.

“A lot of it’s been, like, a blur. I can hardly remember half of it because the pace was just non-stop. And this (Smoke + Mirrors) tour was special; we really put a lot into the production value of it and all of us were really proud of how it turned out and we wanted to capture it and have it to hang on to and also give it to our fans to hold onto the experience as well, or to see if they weren’t able to get to the show. Growing up I hardly ever got to go to concerts, so a lot of my favorite shows were on DVDs, so I want to give that experience to our fans, too.”

Set list includes: Shots, Trouble, On Top of the World, I Bet My Life, Radioactive, The Fall 

Run Time: ? mins | Tickets: $8

2 Saturdays

Feb 11 & 18 at 7:15 pm

Concert Film coming In Janurary!
Mumfor & Sons: Dust & Thunder 
2 Saturdays | Jan 7 & 21 
Details Here

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