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Media Alert — Xiphactinus Installation — Jan 27

On Friday, January 27, Gary Staab, a graduate of Hastings College and Grand Island native, will be installing a 17-foot Xiphactinus (pronounced zi-fac-tin-us) sculpture in the lightwell of the Museum. These photos are of the sculpture from Gary’s studio.

Gary installed the 30-foot Tylosaurus sculpture in the Museum’s lightwell back in January 2010. Click here to see photos and to learn more about the Tylosaurus.

Gary is a world-renowned and award-winning paleo-artist. While he was a student at Hastings College, Staab interned at the Hastings Museum helping design and build exhibits and has “had a soft spot for the museum” ever since. In September 2009, Staab installed a Pteranodon longicps – a flying reptile believed to have lived 82 million to 87 million years ago – at the new Morrison-Reeves Science Center at Hastings College. Staab currently has his own studio in Kearney, Missouri. You can find more on Gary at his website http://www.staabstudios.com.

Gary will be installing the sculpture Friday morning after 10:00 a.m. He and Museum director Becky Matticks will be available for interviews.


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