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National Exhibit Illuminates Life ‘In The Dark’

‘In The Dark’ is a national traveling exhibit now on display at Hastings Museum. Sometimes scary, but always intriguing, darkness beckons exploration. Discover the fascinating world of things that go bump in the night! Crawl inside a giant bat head, experience life as a termite, and explore the worlds of bobcats, skunks, and cicadas when you visit ‘In The Dark.’

The traveling exhibit from Cincinnati Museum Center features five immersive zones. Each enables visitors to see and experience the dark of largely unseen worlds, including the ways people have reacted to darkness throughout history.

The exhibit reveals what thrives beneath the soil, under the sea, in the shadows of night and within other dark environments. Each diorama uses mechanical displays, life-size animal models, and informational panels to surround visitors with the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of several dark ecosystems.

Since prehistoric times, humans have sought to understand the function of darkness, and have invented ways to change it. Guests explore and solve some of these mysteries with hands-on exhibits, computer interactives, detailed walk-through dioramas, and fiberglass models. There are surprises around every corner. Come immerse yourself in the world of darkness. ‘In The Dark’ is on display through September 15.

Hastings Museum is dedicated to bringing first-class, affordable, family friendly exhibits to Nebraska. Open daily! ‘In the Dark’ is free with regular Museum admission or Museum membership. Call 402.461.4629 for more information.


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