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Rocky Mountain Express

Rocky Mountain Express

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All aboard for the ultimate in romantic railway travel. Rocky Mountain Express propels audiences on a steam train journey through the breathtaking vistas of the Canadian Rockies and highlights the adventure of building a nearly impossible transcontinental railway.

The film weaves together spectacular aerial cinematography, archival photographs and maps, and the potent energy and rhythms of a live steam locomotive to immerse audiences in this remarkable story from the age of steam. Trailer Below

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“This film, with its stunning visuals, pitch-perfect music, and a riveting story, may change forever the way audiences look out train windows as they cross a great expanse. Rocky Mountain Express makes it impossible to take for granted the immeasurable commitment and courage it took to construct difficult railway routes.”

-Common Sense Media

This movie is the perfect partner to our newest traveling exhibit: After Promontory opening September 15.
Sponsored locally by: Hastings Community Foundation



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