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They Shall Not Grow Old

Using state-of-the-art technology and materials from the BBC and Imperial War Museum, filmmaker Peter Jackson allows the story of World War I to be told by the men who were there. Life on the front is explored through the voices of the soldiers, who discuss their feelings about the conflict, the food they ate, the friends they made and their dreams of the future.

In place of live audio recordings, director Peter Jackson uses BBC interviews with surviving soldiers that were made after the war while memories were still fresh. The soldiers speak for themselves as images flash by on screen. The usually stilted film clips — shot at 13 frames per second — have been sped up to the contemporary standard of 24 frames per second. Technology has erased the barriers of time and speaks to a new generation about what war does to youth. This humane and heartbreaking film is a profound achievement.

Rated (R) | Runtime: 1hr 39min | Tickets: $6.50 + tax (2D) / $8.50 + tax (3D)

*Don’t miss the 30 minute ‘Making Of’ Featurette following the credits of this film.

Thu, April 4: 6:15p
Fri, April 5: 7:15p
Sat, April 6: 2p
Sat, April 6: 7:15 p in 3D
Sunday, April 7: 5:15p

Thu, April 11: 6:15p
Fri, April 12: 7:15p
Sat, April 13: 10:30a
Sat, April 13: 7:15p in 3D
Sun, April 14: 5:15p

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