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TOYS! Not Simple Child’s Play

New Exhibit, Now Open!


Exhibit on display now through Feb. 19

From yo-yos, blocks, and tiny trucks, to tinker toys, kites, and dolls–toys hold a special place in our hearts. They also tell us a great deal about our culture and history, about the children who played with them, and the economic times in which they were made. Toys from as early as 1900 will be on display. Perfect for kids of all ages. While many toys are on display in cases, others are available for hands-on play. This timely exhibit is a great conversation starter between the generations and connects perfectly to the newest movie on the Museum’s super screen: George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker ®.

Want to show your child a replica of the Fischer Price toy phone on wheels that you played with as a child? Come check us out! The exhibit deals with numerous trends to toy making and marketing. Toys started as handmade objects made in the home by children or parents. Later they were handmade by craftsmen, and eventually mass-produced. Materials changed over the years from fabric, wood, and cornstalks to tin, plastic, and rubber. Advertising and entertainment also impacted toys. At one time toys were marketed to parents. As television programs and commercials allowed companies to appeal directly to children the marketing of toys quickly adapted.

Learn more by visiting TOYS! On exhibit now through Feb. 19.


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