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Hastings Museum’s Planetarium dates back to September 12, 1958, when the Museum presented its first shows to the public, but it recently received some terrific updates!

The Planetarium was built with funds generously provided by the J.M. McDonald Foundation. The Museum was so appreciative of the contribution that the planetarium is officially named the J.M. McDonald Planetarium.

In 2016, the Museum received a $52,000 grant awarded by the Armstrong McDonald Foundation, formerly the J.M. McDonald Foundation, that provided funds for an upgraded projection system, as well as new carpet.

The new system replaced the star projector and a mirror-based full-dome system. While the old star projector had strengths, it was showing its age, and its location resulted in a number of seats that had obstructed views when digital shows were projected onto the dome, an issue that is now eliminated!

Shows are now projected more clearly and the software is simpler and more flexible.

The new projector, a Digitalis Epsilon Fixed Dome System, has an invaluable high resolution to create immersive environments and scientific visualizations.

Admission to regular Planetarium shows is free with Museum admission and for Museum members.

Full schedule of current shows and showtimes

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