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Civil War exhibit, costal reef film and deep-space planetarium show among summer fare at Hastings Museum

History buffs, space fans and coral reef enthusiasts will find their niche this summer at the Hastings Museum! “Liberty on the Border: A Civil War Exhibit,” created by the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, will be on temporary display at Hastings Museum from May 26 through Labor Day. The 2,500 square-foot exhibit focuses on […]

Xiphactinus Comes to Life

Watch award-winning paleo-artist Gary Staab and his staff painstakingly recreate a 65 million year old Xiphactinus fish in this time elapse video. It is simply amazing!

Media Alert — Xiphactinus Installation — Jan 27

On Friday, January 27, Gary Staab, a graduate of Hastings College and Grand Island native, will be installing a 17-foot Xiphactinus (pronounced zi-fac-tin-us) sculpture in the lightwell of the Museum. These photos are of the sculpture from Gary’s studio. Gary installed the 30-foot Tylosaurus sculpture in the Museum’s lightwell back in January 2010. Click here […]

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