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Thursday, Feb. 4

9 am, 1 pm & 7:15

Meet amazing animals from the rain forests of Mexico, Central & South America, and Asia. These animals are the rototillers, seed disperses, and pest controllers of the rain forests.  Every animal has its job. Discover how forest dwellers are perfectly adapted to a life in and under the canopy.

Critterman will bring a variety of creatures including: tarantulas, red tegus, a South American boa constrictor, tenrecs, ring tail lemurs, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

Critterman at HastingsMuseum

Children in attendance may get to become part of the program!

“Kids will have the opportunity to discover incredible adaptations that help animals survive,” said Russanne Erickson, Hastings Museum’s curator of education. “Everyone who comes will see these unique and beautiful animals up close with one of the best animal educators around.”

In 1990, David and his wife, Susan, created Animal Edutainment Inc., a private, non-profit, professional, wildlife education outreach organization that develops and presents unique programs for youth. Their animal care facility is home to more than 50 non-releasable animals that were orphaned, injured, surplus or cast-off by previous owners. These animals now act as ambassadors for their species. The Klevens believe that if an animal is capable of living in the wild that is where it belongs.

Explore the incredible diversity of animals from rainforest around the world with the help of Critterman at Hastings Museum!

Note: Seating is limited and reservations are required.
Please contact Visitor Services at:
402-461-4629 or 800-508-4629.

Morning & Afternoon Shows


Critterman, also known as David Kleven, is from Aubrey, Texas.

Students, teachers and chaperones:
Schools within Hastings city limits: $2 per person
Schools from outside Hastings city limits: $4 per person


Evening Program: Open to the Public

Film (Galapagos 3D) at 5:30 | Movie trailer here!
Pizza and Kool-Aid from 6-7:15
Critterman at 7:15

People can buy additional slices of pizza for $1 plus tax per slice.

Film, Pizza & Critterman:  $12  $16
Pizza and Critterman:  $5  $9
Critterman Only:  $4  $8

Add tax to all above prices.

Want Pizza? RSVP by Wednesday, Feb. 3,

by calling 402.461.4629.