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Native American Festival

Native American Festival

The festival happens every November at Hastings Museum.

This annual festival is an incredible opportunity to gain insight into the culture and life of Native Americans. Hundreds of students journey to the Hastings Museum each year to take part.  Sign up today!

This year’s festival will be held on Thurs., Nov. 21, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Native American Festival
is sponsored in part by:

The Many Moccasins Dance Troupe will be back this year to perform traditional dances as a group. Jerome Kills Small and Joyzelle Gingway Godfrey will engage audiences with Native American storytelling.

David Seay and Deborah Greenblatt will teach students about Native American music and give them an opportunity to hear and play traditional instruments. Numerous other hands-on learning stations will be featured on all three floors. This event brings the Museum to life in song, dance, art, stories and more. Make plans today to join us for this wonderful, immersive event.

NAClogo4RusNote: Reservations are required for student groups. For more information, or to register, please contact Visitor Services at 402.461.4629 or 800.508.4629, option zero.


Special Event Pricing

Students, teachers and chaperones:
Schools within Hastings city limits: $2.00 per person
Schools from outside Hastings city limits: $4.00 per person

Museum Members:
Adults and Seniors: $3.00 per person
Children: $2.00 per person

Non-Museum Members:
Adults: $7.00 per person
Seniors: $6.00 per person
Children: $5.00 per person