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Preschool/Kindergarten Fun

Preschool and kindergarten fun at Hasings Museum. Tipi. Sod House. Nebraska.Hastings Museum has many special programs for preschool and kindergarten groups. From cowpokes to dinosaurs to Kool-Aid to Laura Ingalls – there’s something for everyone!

Just look through our available programs below and contact the Museum to make a reservation – 402-461-4629. There are program fees for for some groups, see details below.

Of course Hastings Museum has many other great things for your group to see and do, including First Stars, a great introduction to the sky hosted in our planetarium. The show takes 15-20 minutes, and kids love to begin their adventure with a sunset before “waking up” with a sunrise!

Be sure to check out the rest of our website to discover other areas of the Museum. Pay special attention to our Groundwater Discovery Adventure and wildlife and bird dioramas.

Preschool Adventure & Kindergarten Fun

Special programs for preschool groups and kindergarten classes. Call to schedule your program today!

Cowpoke Rodeo
Yee-haw! Grab your hat and have a rip roaring time at our Cowpoke Rodeo. You’ll be entered in cattle branding, corralling doggies, and barrel racing. Of course it wouldn’t be a truly western experience without tall tales and music.

What could be more popular with preschoolers and kindergartners than dinosaurs? Become a museum paleontologist as you solve the puzzle of these amazing giants and perhaps help hatchlings find their mothers.

Explore with Lewis & Clark’s Corp of Discovery
Join our expedition as we follow the trail of Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery. Grab a boat and work together on your search for a river route to the Pacific Ocean. Seaman, a most valued member of the team, guides you through a treasure hunt of animals and native artifacts. Arrive safely at Ft. Clatsop, our Groundwater Discovery Adventure, for some imaginative play.

Fins, Flippers, and Feet
Ever wonder what might tickle your toes as you dangle them in the water? Meet the museum’s underwater animals and find out what makes them swim so well in our oceans and lakes. Four and five year olds will tour our underwater animal, fish in our pool, make a souvenir door hanger, and join a bait ball.

Kool-Aid Kids
Kool-Aid Kids will learn about colors as they create a work of art to take home. They will explore the story of Edwin Perkins, inventor of Kool-Aid, and take an eye-spy tour of the Kool-Aid exhibit. You can’t leave without having a Kool-Aid party snack. Oh, yeah!

Native American Children
Join us by the Pawnee village as we learn like Native American children did. We’ll practice our listening skills as we’re told a story by a Native American elder, listen as the drums tell us how to dance, and learn when to speak using a talking stick. After making a Native American craft, we’ll end our experience playing in the Groundwater Discovery Adventure’s tipi.

Over the Trails with Laura and Mary
Join Laura, Mary, and the whole Ingalls family as they travel overland to their new home. Children will experience a bit of pioneer life as they pack their wagons and head west across the Plains. After the hard work of building a cabin, we’ll take a turn or two as Pa fiddles a reel.  Then it’s time to cook, clean, garden and play as pioneers in the Groundwater Discovery Adventure area.

Program Fees

Reservations are required for all programs – please contact the Museum at 402-461-4629.

Preschools within Hastings city limits: Free admission to the Museum, preschool programs, planetarium and Groundwater Discover Adventure. Special programs are an exception and may include a fee – just check with Museum staff.

Preschools outside Hastings city limits: $3.00 admission to the Museum, preschool programs, planetarium and Groundwater Discover Adventure. Special programs may have an additional fee – just check with Museum staff.

Daycares within and outside Hastings: $3.00 per person for Museum admission, which includes preschool programs, planetarium and the Groundwater Discover Adventure. Special programs may have an additional fee – just check with Museum staff.

Note: Films do require an admission fee, but there are discounts for schools and groups. Just contact the Museum for details.