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Museum-346Hastings Museum has many special programs for preschool and kindergarten groups. Our exhibits engage even the youngest children.

Of course Hastings Museum has many other wonderful things for your group to see and do, including First Stars, a great introduction to the sky hosted in our planetarium. The show takes 15-20 minutes, and kids love to begin their adventure with a sunset before “waking up” with a sunrise! Be sure to check out the rest of our website to discover other areas of the Museum!

Preschool & Kindergarten Programs

Special programs for preschool groups and kindergarten classes. Call to schedule your program today, 402.461.4629!

Nature Explorers NEW CLASS!
Walk through our Nature Nook Exhibit to find animals that live in the water, underground, and in the air! Students will follow footprints and investigate each animal’s home. We will also make footprint art to take home.

Bugging Out
Butterflies, beetles, and bees, oh my! Join us as we explore the fascinating world of bugs and insects. We will investigate the difference between bugs and insects, sing a song, and children will create their very own insect!

Cowpoke Rodeo
Yee-haw! Grab your hat and have a rip roaring time at our Cowpoke Rodeo. You’ll be entered in cattle branding, corralling doggies, and barrel racing. Of course it wouldn’t be a true western experience without tall tales and music.

Learn all about dinosaurs through an interactive play and a fun movement-based song. We will make our own dinosaur tails before we go look at real fossils.

Explore with Lewis and Clark
Join our expedition as we follow the trail of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. Grab a boat and work together on your search for a river route to the Pacific Ocean. Seaman, a most valued member of the team, guides you through a treasure hunt of animals and native artifacts.

Water Friends   NEWLY REVAMPED!
Meet the museum’s aquatic friends as we tour the animals that live in and near the water. You’ll get to feel the skin of a shark and stingray, hear the call of the ocean, play eye spy with sea creatures, and make a fish craft to take home.

Kool-Aid Kids
Kids will explore the story of Edwin Perkins, inventor of Kool-Aid, and take an eye-spy tour of the Kool-Aid: Discover the Dream exhibit. We will make Kool-Aid art to take home and end our time with a Kool-Aid party snack. Oh, yeah!

Native American Children
Join us as we learn what life was like for Plains Indian children. We’ll listen to a story told by a Native American elder, play a hunting game, dance to the beat of the drum, and make a Native American craft to take home!

Program Fees

Reservations are required for all programs – please contact the Museum at 402-461-4629.

Preschools within Hastings city limits: Free admission to the Museum, preschool programs, planetarium and Groundwater Discover Adventure. Special programs are an exception and may include a fee – just check with Museum staff.

Preschools outside Hastings city limits: $3.00 admission to the Museum, preschool programs, planetarium and Groundwater Discover Adventure. Special programs may have an additional fee – just check with Museum staff.

Daycares within and outside Hastings: $3.00 per person for Museum admission, which includes preschool programs, planetarium and the Groundwater Discover Adventure. Special programs may have an additional fee – just check with Museum staff.

Note: Films do require an admission fee, but there are discounts for schools and groups. Just contact the Museum for details.