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Raptor Recovery

Raptor recovery at Hastings Museum

Students have an opportunity to see several different raptors up close at Hastings Museum.

Live raptors at the Museum! Learn what you can do to help eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons survive in Nebraska in a special program presented by Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery (FFRR) at Hastings Museum.

An FFRR volunteer will lead the presentation on:

Thursday, March 19, 2015
9:00 to 10:00 a.m.
FREE program for school children!


These birds of prey are an important link in the intricate food web and help maintain a necessary and desirable balance by feeding on pests that destroy crops and invade homes. Hundreds of raptors are injured or maimed every year by steel traps, collisions with vehicles, buildings, fences and power lines.

FFRR helps injured and orphaned raptors receive medical treatment and care, and ensures that they are restored to health, banded and released. Those too severely injured to be released are channeled into breeding programs, recruited as “foster parents” for young orphans, utilized in research and featured in FFRR education programs.

“It is important to remember how interconnected nature is,” said Russanne Erickson, curator of education for Hastings Museum. “Our actions have a much larger impact on nature then we might think.”

While school-age children are free, regular Museum admission or Museum membership covers the cost of this special program for others. Reservations are requested by Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

For more information contact Visitor Services at 402.461.4629 or 800.508.4629.

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