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Hastings Museum’s digital projector, 65-foot wide screen and six channel surround sound will put you (and your students!) in the middle of the action – especially if you choose to view a 3D film!

RealD, Real D, 3DThe Hastings Museum Theatre is a great venue for school groups. Our films (in 2D or 3D) are an exciting way to discover new ideas and worlds, especially when paired with other Museum programs to offer a complete educational package.

Teachers can view any large format film anytime for just $4.00 for 2D films and $6.00 for 3D films. (Family members and guests are charged regular admission fees.) Please present your state education association card for the discounted rate.

Plus, when you bring your class back to see the same film, your ticket is free when you show your ticket stub. If available, you’ll also receive a teacher’s guide for the film on the day your class visits. Teacher guides also available here.

Special showtimes of current films and those in our library can be arranged, please contact Visitor Services for details and to make a reservation: 402-461-2399 or visitorservices@hastingsmuseum.org.

Large-format film ticket prices for student groups are $4.00 for 2D and $6.00 for 3D films.

Click here for more information on our Theatre, which seats 211.

Film Library

Our projector system can play DVDs, including Blu-ray discs, which may be one way to screen a film for your class. Dates listed below can often be extended. If you see a film that is of interest, please inquire with Visitor Services!

Films in our library:
Lewis & Clark 2D Through 06-30-20
Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland 3D Through 06-10-19
Flight of the Butterflies 3D Through 06-30-20
Dream Big 3D/2D Through 10-31-19
D-Day 3D/2D Through 12-31-20
Superpower Dogs 3D/2D Through 3/14/20

Always available:
We The People  2D
Tornado Alley 3D

Again, extensions are often possible. If you see a film and are interested in booking it past the listed date, please inquire at 402-461-2399. We would be happy to request an extension.