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Hastings Museum store. Shop at the Hastings Museum.

Hastings Museum’s The Museum Store is the perfect place to find unique, educational and fun gifts!

You can shop in the Museum Store at Hastings MuseumWe stock many items of interest to children, including books, posters, puzzles, pencils, shells, rocks and so much more! Our items make great gifts because you simply can’t find them anywhere else!

Plus you’ll find Kool-Aid collectibles – and some one-of-a-kind home-made Kool-Aid items. (See below!)

The Museum Store is also home to a selection of Hastings- and Nebraska-made products and many other fine gifts, including works of art and bronzes.

Of course there’s never an admission fee to shop at The Museum Store – and the store is open the same hours as the Museum…so stop in today!

For more information, call 402-461-4629 or email visitorservices@hastingsmuseum.org.

Kool-Aid Items!

Kool-Aid Jammers packet purse

A purse made from Kool-Aid Jammers packets!

Since Hastings is the birthplace of Kool-Aid, and Hastings Museum has an exhibit that covers the history of how this sweet drink became an international sensation, it’s only fitting that The Museum Store contains some fun and unique Kool-Aid items.

Click on a link to view a photo of the item!

Ornament – These Discover the Dream ornaments are sure to be a popular addition to your tree!
T-shirts – The style of t-shirts vary by season – call to see what’s in stock now!
Color-changing tumblers – These mugs declare that your “in the mood for Kool-Aid”
Grocery tote bags – Bright, reusable cloth bags
Kool-Aid mugs – Classic 14-ounce mugs
Kool-Aid Jammer purses – One-of-a-kind hand made item (call for availability)
Kool-Aid Jammer wallet – One-of-a-kind hand made item (call for availability)
Lapel pin – Featuring the oldest Kool-Aid packet in our collection, approx 0.75 x 1.0 inches
Pencils and Pens
Postcards – Add to your collection!

We also have available the Edwin Perkins and the Kool-Aid Story Booklet – a 16-page booklet published by the Adams County Historical Society. It’s the most complete history on Edwin Perkins and Kool-Aid available in print!

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