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For the best edutainment-style films and recent hit movies, Hastings Museum is your spot for enlightening entertainment!

The digital projector with 4K capabilities and 65 foot wide screen were installed in 2011 and are sure to amaze. Images are crisp, bright – and big! Especially exciting is the 3D technology that comes with RealD 3D technology. Films and movies presented in RealD 3D immerse you in exciting new worlds, it’s like you’ve stepped into the movie. You won’t just watch the movie – you’ll experience it!

Add in the six channel digital surround sound and some great movie munchies, and Hastings Museum is the best (and biggest!) Theatre in the region! Showtimes Here.

The Theatre is entirely wheelchair and handicapped accessible.

Special Events: With a total seating capacity of 211, the theater is available for your group function! You can reserve the entire Theatre and package it with Museum tickets and more. Just contact Visitor Services for details at 402.461.4629.

Other Capabilities and Events

In addition to being a great place to watch films and movies, the theater at Hastings Museum is a great venue for your next live event!

Our digital projector is computer driven and can play DVDs, PowerPoints, as well as access the Internet. That makes our Theatre a great option for meetings, presentations, live webinars, and more. It seats up to 211 people and the world via the Internet!

For additional information and arrangements, please contact Visitor Services at 402-461-2399.