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You may already know Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings in 1927, but did you know many of the factories and buildings associated with Kool-Aid are still around today? Join us on this digital scavenger hunt to find them and to learn lesser known facts about the story of Kool-Aid.
     While the Museum and Super Screen Theatre have reopened to both Members and the general public, it has not resumed indoor tours, classes, or programs. So, we’ve developed a new outdoor offering: Digital Scavenger Hunts. These events all take place outside around Hastings, in fresh air. The structure of these scavenger hunts should make social distancing a breeze!
Meeting Place: Museum Patio by the front entrance
Best for: Families, groups of friends, or folks of all ages!
What is needed: Device (see below) & a vehicle
Note: You MUST bring a Wi-Fi capable device that can download an app. Smart phones are perfect! One device is required for each group participating. Note: It is easiest to have the free scavenger hunt app, GooseChase, downloaded to your device before you arrive at the meeting place. Questions? Call (402) 461-2399
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