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The Games People Play

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Wanna play? Discover The Games People Play. They are a part of our lives almost from day one. They make us laugh and cry and test our patience. They aren’t limited to humans, but they bring out our humanity and teach us new lessons almost every time we play. Educators agree-games play vital roles in the physical and cognitive development of children. We play peek-a-boo, tag, and learn to stack blocks to engage in the world around us and interact with others. When children play, they learn to make and practice new sounds. They try out new vocabulary with friends and exercise their imagination through storytelling. Older children play games that help them fine-tune their social skills, learn to read social cues, set boundaries, and problem-solve. As we age, the games we play become more complex, and so do the lessons we learn from them: creativity, analytical skills, leadership, and resiliency. 

And by the way, have we mentioned that games are: FUN? They are. 

Join us on a tour of the games people play. Learn about games that involve dice and tiles, as well as board games, yard games, and today’s omnipresent video games. We’ll take turns stepping you through each of these categories. And please, take the time to play. There are several games laid out. Pick up an old favorite, or try something new.

Let the Games Begin!