Rating: PG-13  |  Price: $5.50 +tax  |  2 hrs 6 mins

Doctor Strange tampers with a risky forbidden spell that alters time and space and accidentally opens a gateway to the multiverse. Together with the Scarlet Witch and the unflappable Wong, Doctor Strange confronts countless dangers in strange and mysterious alternate realities to attempt to restore a single stable reality. As they travel through myriad different layers of the multiverse, they face down a new yet unsettlingly familiar adversary that they will need help to conquer.

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Friday, June 24: 6:15p
Saturday, June 25: 6:15p
Sunday, June 26: 5:15p

Friday, July 1: 6:15p
Saturday, July 2: 6:15p
Sunday, July 3: 5:15p

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