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For thousands of years, mankind thought that we were at the center of the Universe. But with the emergence of science and the cultural acceptance of its
achievements we realized our error, and corrected our picture. Since then, science has taught us an astonishing amount about our cosmos. We now know for example, that the Sun is no more the center of the Universe than we are. It is just an ordinary star, similar to many others, with no particularly outstanding qualities. But even before we knew that, people were beginning to question whether we are alone in the Universe, or if there is indeed anyone else out there. It’s possible that someone or something is, at this very moment, looking in our direction and asking the very same question. Our Sun, the Solar System, and all the stars we see at night are part of the Milky Way — our home galaxy. It consists of several hundred billion stars. But even this gigantic star system is not the center of the Universe. Join us for Out There: The Quest for Extrasolar Worlds and learn more.