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Sky Tour: Window on the Universe (35 mins)
Now Showing in the Planetarium
FREE for Members  •  Included in Museum Admission for Non-Members
This planetarium show treats you to a world tour with spectacular landscapes and dazzling stars. Learn how the starry sky we see changes with latitude, and travel through space to explore the true nature of the majestic Milky Way.
The journey begins in Iceland, then Alaska, where the aurora borealis flames across the sky. We’ll then move southward to Arizona, Utah, and Hawaii. With the Southern Cross and Milky Way as the background, we’ll visit Salar de Uyuni, known as “The World’s Largest Mirror” in Bolivia, and take a look at the wondrous inverted image of the universe reflected by this gigantic natural mirror. Our wonderful itinerary comes to a perfect ending as we again watch the aurora australis, or southern lights, dance above–This time in Australia and New Zealand.