Each year Hastings Museum participates in the Tri-City Food Fight with the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island and The Archway in Kearney. It’s a friendly way to compete and see which organization can collect the most food for their local food pantry. It’s also a key way each organization gives back to the community that supports them all year long.

This year, all total the Tri-City Food Fight raised 1,610 lbs of food for local food banks. And individually, we won!

Hastings Museum: 940 lbs

Stuhr Museum: 467 lbs

The Archway: 209 lbs

The Hastings Food Pantry serves around 2,500 people per year. The items they need most are canned fruits, vegetables, soups, and meats. But there are many things that can be donated: boxed cereal, baking mixes, powdered milk, pancake mix, and more.
Thank you to those who donated! And please, do your best to donate to the Hastings Food Pantry repeatedly throughout the year.

This season is about giving. I like the Food Fight because it brings awareness to local food pantries and the amazing work they do. They need your help!

-Teresa Kreutzer-Hodson, Director Hastings Museum