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Current Planetarium Shows

Confused between Ursa Major and Aquarius? Or Taurus and Orion? Not sure if that bright light in the evening sky is Mercury or Venus? And what about the space station … can you really see it from your backyard? Come to the Hastings Museum Planetarium and experience The Sky Tonight to discover answers to all these questions and learn about all the major constellations visible when the sun goes down tonight.

Other full dome films are shown daily – just check the list and schedule below. Note that all regularly scheduled full dome Planetarium shows are free with paid admission or membership to Hastings Museum!

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The Sky Tonight – See which constellations, comets, and other heavenly bodies will be visible in tonight’s sky, plus information on current astronomical events such as eclipses. FREE for Members | Included in Museum Admission for Non-Members

DawnOfSpaceAgeDawn of the Space Age (Opens Jan. 7)
Sky Show Dawn of the Space Age re-lives the excitement of the early days of space exploration and chronicles the major milestones of the space age: From the historic launch of the first artificial satellite “Sputnik 1”, man’s heroic entry in space, the thrilling first spacewalk, the magnificent lunar landings, to the recent privately operated space flights. Get immersed in this reconstruction of Man’s first steps into space. Who were these men and women that took part in these death defying endeavors? Who drove the first lunar rover? Witness their drive, their passion, and their perseverance to explore, in Dawn of the Space Age.  FREE for Members | Included in Museum Admission for Non-Members