Ever heard of a VFT? It’s short for Virtual Field Trip, and they’re all the rage these days! These 45-60 minute programs cover a variety of topics, including local history, Kool-Aid, and science. They can be delivered from the Museum to your school, or directly to your students’ homes for at-home learning days. All programs meet Nebraska State Standards and are aligned with Hastings Public School’s Key Concepts and Essentials. Call to schedule your program today (402) 461-2399.


Habitat Detectives

Join us as we investigate plants, animals, habitats, and ecosystems. We will experiment with “walking water” and find out how it applies to plant roots. Students will compare two different habitats, explore the parts of an ecosystem, and learn about food chains. We will end with making a color wheel flower and acting out the life cycle of a plant.


Cosmic Questions

Book a live virtual session with our planetarium staff. Your class will be able to ask questions on various topics and gain a better understanding of the world around them. TOPICS:  Earth, Moon, and Sun Systems  |  Constellations  |  Solar System  |  Hubble Telescope  |  Mars &  Traveling to Mars  |  Stellar Evolution

Don’t see the topic you need? Just ask and we’ll try to assist you! This program is up to 30 minutes long. NOTE: Due to the equipment needed, the planetarium will not be used in your program.


Creating Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid has been around for almost 100 years, but how did this product come to be? Join us as we discover how Edwin Perkins, the inventor of Kool-Aid, used creative solutions to his problems and made his product go worldwide. Students will even get to show their artistic side by creating a Kool-Aid package for a brand new flavor.


Patterns in the Night Sky

There are 30 different constellations in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere! In this class, students will create their own constellation and take a closer look at a few well-known ones in our night sky, such as Ursa Major. We will also learn the differences between rotation and orbit, what causes us to experience seasons, and why some constellations are seasonal.


Growing Kool-Aid

Making Kool-Aid a worldwide product was not an easy task. Edwin Perkins, the inventor of Kool-Aid, had to find successful ways to advertise this sweet treat. In this class, we will explore how Edwin used branding and marketing techniques to sell his invention. Students will play a brand recognition game, and examine various Kool-Aid advertisements through the years as they compare and contrast with other food product ads.


Soil Science

In this program, students will dig into the nitty gritty of soil. We will learn the difference between soil and dirt, and look at the layers of soil horizons. Students will help identify different types of weathering, erosion, and deposition, and we will talk about how this process has shaped Nebraska landmarks.


Solar System Exploration

How big is Earth compared to Mercury? What about compared to Jupiter? In this class, students will travel to each planet in our solar system to discover fun facts and compare different planet sizes to Earth. We will also discuss why Pluto became a dwarf planet. Students will end the class by learning how big a light year is and exploring the Milky Way Galaxy.

Program Fees

Reservations are required for all programs – please contact the Museum at 402-461-2399.

Schools within Hastings city limits

The Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) listed above are FREE to schools within Hastings city limits.

Schools outside Hastings city limits

The Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) listed above are $25 per program for schools within Hastings city limits.

Schools outside Nebraska

The Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) listed above are $40 per program for schools outside Nebraska.