Image of Becky Tideman , MARKETING DIRECTOR

As the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Becky is responsible for almost all the printed materials that are distributed by the Museum. She promotes exhibits, programs, and films, and communicates on behalf of he Museum to a variety of audiences through advertising, public relations, the Museum’s web site and social media. Her job is to let the world know what a jewel the Museum is! She worked as a marketing and communication coordinator at Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and as a newsletter writer and editor for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where she earned a Masters in Mass Communications. She earned her Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with minors in history, sociology, and English. Becky’s interest in history is always changing based on where she plans to travel next.

Email Becky or call at (402) 461-2399. Remember to ask for Becky Tideman or BT, as there are two Beckys here!