Night Sky

December 8,  7 – 7:45 pm

The Sky Tonight – LIVE

Weather permitting, we’re hosting an hour of stargazing under the REAL night sky. Meet us in Brickyard Park. We’ll stay socially distant when possible and masks will be required. No telescopes for this event, we’ll use a handheld laser pointer to locate constellations and specific stars!

December 21,  5:45 – 6:30 pm

A Rare Sight – Super Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn

A “super conjunction” of bright visible planets is quite rare. The last time Jupiter and Saturn got this close was in 1623. WOW! That was shortly after the invention of the telescope. To the unaided eye, Jupiter and Saturn will be so close as to appear as one bright planet. With a telescope and a 10 degree field of view, you will see both planets in the same telescope view! We’ll stay socially distant when possible, masks will be required. Meet outside the Hastings Museum.
If you have a telescope at home, here’s where to look in the sky: Southwest 15 degrees (start) to 9 degrees (end) from horizon (so rather low in the SW sky, at dusk).