Digital Virtual Online Museum-y Shindig

Let’s have a little fun

Join us Sat, Feb. 13.  This is not just another online event!

You are invited to a Digital Virtual Online Museumy Shindig (DVOMS)!  What’s that? — a great 90+ minutes of fun for grown folks. This program is an equally cool way to celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s. It is NOT just for couples. Regardless of who you group around your computer, DVOMS will elevate your evening out of the ordinary.

Our shindig will offer an eclectic mix of elements including trivia, interesting artifacts, crafty creations, and groovy games. Prior to the event, all those who register will receive a list of cocktail suggestions (alcoholic and non) that they can make and enjoy during the festivities. The Museum’s DVOMS hostesses will add to the general mix of merriment. BTW: we’re keeping this event casual. Skip the heels—all the better to run and get the scavenger hunt items when they’re announced! If the words digitalvirtual & online didn’t clue you in, let me confirm it for you … this event will be delivered LIVE to your home computer.

Members: $10 per computer | Non-Members; $15 per computer

Saturday, Feb. 13, 8-9:30-ish p.m. This event is intended for people 21+.