How do we make it all happen? Volunteers!

They mean so much to us. Last year they donated 1,332 hours of service to the Museum!
They help us run art stations for scouting events. They clean up our classrooms, guide small group activities, and help maintain our exhibits. Every summer they pour lots and lots of Kool-Aid! And when we needed photos for our Let’s Build Exhibit, they showed up with big smiles and lots of energy!
Last year we had seven volunteers who each donated more than 50 hours to the Museum. Our heartfelt thanks go to: Aiden Aldrich, Lynne Friedewald, Emma Kvetensky, Raena Northrup, Yesi Lara Pantoja, Jordyn Pracht, and Thea Wahl.
We appreciate you so much!

Our volunteer of the year is Raena Northrup. She was recognized for always going the extra mile in class, her ability to connect with children at all skill levels and ages, and her dependability.
Three volunteers qualified for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award: Aiden Aldrich, Raena Northrup, and Jordyn Pracht. Earning this honor is appreciated by all those who qualify, but it can be especially important to young volunteers as they seek to build a resume of accomplishments.
Thank You to All of our Amazing Volunteers!
Volunteers at the Museum must be 12+ years of age. Become a Volunteer today!