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    inside-out thumb
    Inside Out

    Inside Out coming soon to the Hastings Museum Theatre! Riley is a happy, hockey-loving 11-year-old Midwestern girl, but her world turns ... Read Article »

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    Keep Calm and Kool-Aid on!

    MUSEUM ADMISSION Only $4 per person each day! plus tax Friday, AUGUST 7 Museum Open: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Science Stations: 1 ... Read Article »

    Hastings Library Relocating to Hastings Museum Building

    The Hastings Library will soon move into the Hasting Museum building due to upcoming renovations. The building will be under ... Read Article »

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  • Upcoming Events

    Kool-aid After Dark | Aug  7 | 7- 10 pmkool-after_dark-05
    A Family Program? What a perfect way to kick-off Kool-Aid Days! It’s lights out in the Kool-Aid exhibit! What will you find with your flashight? Details Here

    Kool-aid Days| Aug 7-9
    Special Museum Hours and Offerings!KAM_Naked_Arms_n_Legs
    Admission to the Museum is only $4 per person per day! Includes three floors of exhibits, extra planetariums shows, solar observing and our national travelling exhibit “Peanuts … Naturally.”
    Science Stations | Fri, Sat, Sun • 1-5 pm
    FREE Kool-Aid Stand | Fri, Sat, Sun • 1-5 pm
    More Details Here

    Pluto-NorthPoleNEWUp close: New Horizons at Pluto
    Friday, August 14, 10-11 AM
    The museum will celebrate the New Horizons flyby of the Pluto System with a look back at the discovery of Pluto in 1930, the much later discoveries of its 5 moons, Pluto’s demotion to Dwarf Planet status, and the recent mission to discover all we can about this object 3 billion miles away. More here.

    Science Saturday: All About Clouds!maxresdefault
    August 15, 10 AM – Noon
    How do clouds form? How are the different types of clouds named and what kinds of weather can they cause? This family program is especially good for school-aged children or anyone with a curious mind! More details here.

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  • Images from the Hubble Telescope

    Launch/Servicing Missions
    Hubblecast 29: Mission Accomplished: Healing Hubble Reflecting on work The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope during Servicing Mission 4 Astronauts at work on Hubble Space Shuttle Atlantis heads for Hubble SM4: Atlantis Liftoff Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off Atlantis is on its way to Hubble New launch date for Servicing Mission System anomalies take Hubble off line Launch date set for fifth Hubble Servicing Mission Artist's view of the Shuttle servicing mission to HST SM3B - A trail of smoke marks the path of the Space Shuttle Colombia SM3B - overview of the installation of ACS SM3B - a gyro is exchanged HST Servicing Mission in 3D FOC being removed from the ESA/NASA Hubble space telescope during Servicing Mission 3B Hubble gets revitalised in new servicing mission

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